Scientists discuss technological advancements and present novel application of new head-mounted and implantable, wireless sensors for neural recording in non-human primates.

During this webinar, sponsored by Triangle BioSystems International (TBSI), scientist present experimental methods and scientific findings from applications of in vivo electrophysiology in conscious non-human primates using new head-mounted, wireless sensors.

Specifically, scientists from The Hatsopoulos Laboratory at the University of Chicago present research using a 64 channel wireless headstage on marmosets. The objective of this research is to investigate sensorimotor encoding across marmoset’s behavioral repertoire. The group discusses the platform they have developed for voluntary behavioural training and neural recording in a home cage environment, and share some preliminary data they have obtained.

Following representatives from Dr. Ben Hayden’s lab, at the University of Minnesota, present a case study in which they have successfully implemented the 128 channel headstage in macaques while performing a center-out joystick task in a primate chair. They share methodology, experimental design, and discuss the promise their results show for future studies using untethered wireless recordings in freely moving and behaving animals.

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University of Chicago

Graduate Student
Dr. Hatsopoulos Laboratory
University of Chicago

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Triangle BioSystems International

Triangle BioSystems is a developer of neurological research equipment for brain and nerve monitoring, recording and stimulation.

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