Tonya Coulthard discusses features and benefits of SuperArgus PET/CT systems, reviewing its unique capabilities including real-time imaging of awake animals, cardiac gating and multiplexed PET imaging using standard or non-standard isotopes.

Positron Emission Tomography (PET) is the gold standard in metabolic imaging, providing high sensitivity to radiotracers used to detect metabolic activity or biomarkers in vivo. The most common uses for PET imaging in pre-clinical research include oncology, neurobiology, cardiology and dynamic imaging.

In this Scintica Instrumentation webinar, Tonya Coulthard discusses how Position Emission Tomography is used for preclinical imaging. Tonya provides an overview of applications including real-time imaging of awake animals, self-gated cardiac imaging and multiplexed PET imaging of standard and non-standard isotopes.

She also intruduces the SuperArgus PET/CT system, which is ideally suited for preclinical imaging of small animals like mice up to medium-sized animals like swine and non human primates.

Key Topics Include:

  • Overview of Pre-Clinical PET/CT imaging
  • Examples from applications including oncology, neurology, cardiology and dynamic imaging
  • An introduction to SuperArgus PET/CT and what makes it unique
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