This virtual demo will show how to setup and operate Kent Scientific’s Low-Flow Electronic Vaporizer, the SomnoFlo®.

The SomnoFlo is a compact, standalone vaporizer that uses either ambient air with an internal air pump or compressed gas. It delivers only the anesthetic required by the animal according to its weight with flows down to 0.05 LPM. Conveniently, an automated delivery system ensures accurate and consistent delivery – just connect your anesthetic bottle and the system is ready for your procedure.
During this demo, attendees will learn how easy it is to set up and operate the SomnoFlo as we show a basic anesthetic procedure using isoflurane to anesthetize a mouse. A knowledgeable product manager will be able to answer any questions you might have about the system during a live Q&A.


National Sales Manager
Kent Scientific Corporation

David is a 16-year veteran of the life science sales & support industry. He is experienced in demonstrating, installing, training, and providing technical support solutions for integrated research equipment for physiology, pharmacology, toxicology, and safety pharmacology laboratories. With advanced knowledge of physiological research hardware and software for cardiovascular, hemodynamic, telemetry, electrophysiology, behavioral, respiratory, and anesthesia laboratories, David helps maximize his customers’ system utilization. He has been listed in special acknowledgements sections of research publications and/or acted as a contributing author. David holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology from the Virginia Military Institute.

Webinar Host

Kent Scientific Corporation

For over 20 years, Kent Scientific serviced scientists as a provider of integrated solutions for pre-clinical research and drug discovery advancement.

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