Aaron Stupica and Dr. Keshari Thakali discuss techniques and best practices for tissue bath myography and present a unique case study looking at the effect of maternal obesity on offspring perivascular adipose tissue and vascular function.

Tissue organ baths are an invaluable tool for both clinical and preclinical physiology and pharmacology research. Part of their appeal is that perfused tissue can be tightly controlled and manipulated independent from the influence of the processes that occur in vivo, making data more consistent and reproducible.

In this webinar sponsored by DMT, Aaron Stupica and Keshari Thakali discuss fundamentals and unique preclinical applications of advanced tissue organ bath systems. Specifically, Aaron Stupica, Scientific Product Specialist at DMT provides an overview of operating procedure, reviews best practices and discusses how this technology can be used to study various smooth and striated muscle samples in vitro such as aortic rings, heart tissue and gastrointestinal tissue preparations.

Following, Dr. Keshari Thakali of the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences presents her current research using organ bath systems to study the impact of maternal obesity on perivascular adipose tissue in offspring. She also discusses the role of adipose tissue surrounding arteries, how it can regulate arterial function, and how maternal obesity may program vascular function.

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Assistant Professor
University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

Scientific Product Specialist
Danish Myo Technology A/S (DMT)

Production Partner


DMT has more than 30 years of experience in the manufacturing of myograph equipment for in vitro assessment of vascular structure and function.

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