This virtual demo dives into the topic of animal warming with a special focus on incorporating far-infrared warming products into surgeries.

Interested in some heated discussion? Animal warming is one of the easiest ways to improve surgical outcomes; you may even say it’s a hot topic! However, an abundance of seemingly similar warming products can lead to confusion for surgeons and researchers. Here, we will discuss best practices for animal warming, as well as how different products can benefit various protocols.

A knowledgeable Kent Scientific product manager will be able to answer any questions you might have about the system.

Key Topics Include:

  • Why animal warming is important
  • Various methods of warming, as well as pros and cons of each
  • How Kent Scientific’s far infrared technology can improve their warming protocols


Kathy Garner, PhD

Technical Resource Scientist II
Kent Scientific Corporation

Kathy Garner, PhD is a Technical Resource Scientist at Kent Scientific, where she focuses on helping researchers utilize Kent Scientific's products to optimize their own experiments.

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