Syapse experts Anna Berry, Mary Tran, and Michael Italia share how to establish high quality, real-world datasets by using a multi-source strategy.

A single source of data is often not enough to generate meaningful real-world evidence. Have you recently made an investment in a large raw real-world dataset, and are now drowning in data but lacking in evidence?

Watch as experts highlight strategic approaches you and your organization should consider as you invest in RWD to best capture the comprehensive patient journey needed to answer your most challenging questions, or seek to validate real-world endpoints.

Key Topics Include:

  • Awareness on various RWD sources and their attributes, and how they are used to fill in the gaps to ensure your study design best reflects what is happening in the real-world
  • Understanding whether artificial intelligence (AI) is a magical cure-all, or is it perpetuating inconsistencies or biases already in the data?
  • How to take unstructured lab and pathology reports (including biomarker data) using NLP to ensure your study design best reflects what is happening in the real-world to generate more robust data


Vice President
Molecular Pathology, Genomics and Laboratory Medicine

Dr. Anna Berry is a thought leader in molecular oncology and personalized medicine, and experienced Scientific and Medical Director with a demonstrated history of working in the hospital & health care industry. Skilled in Oncology, Molecular Oncology, Molecular Biology, Healthcare Information Technology (HIT), and Healthcare Management.

Vice President
Data Insights

Mary Tran is a healthcare strategist working to elevate the quality, delivery, and value of healthcare globally. She has diverse experience with change agents across the healthcare market, including clinical providers, system administrators, public officials, medical associations, payers, and industry (pharma, devices, and diagnostics).

Vice President
Product Development

Michael Italia is focused on oncology precision medicine and real world evidence as VP of Product Development for Syapse. He leads teams to design and build complex, data-centric software applications in life science and healthcare.

Production Partner


Advancing care requires real insights and collaboration. At Syapse, we start by analyzing real-world data to generate deep, quality insights that improve outcomes for all people with cancer.

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