Join Dr. Wouter Potters, Technical Physician at Amsterdam UMC, for a presentation on novel ambulatory EEG technology and associated procedure designed to enable paramedics to better triage stroke patients and reduce time to therapy.

Millions of people suffer a stroke each year. Endovascular thrombectomy (EVT) dramatically improves prognosis after stroke, but only if done rapidly. Since EVT is performed in specialized hospitals only, there is an unmet clinical need to identify stroke patients eligible for EVT in the ambulance. Bringing such patients straight to an EVT hospital improves prognosis. Unfortunately, no triage instrument for the hyperacute phase of stroke is available. With the EEG setup presented in this webinar, paramedics could triage stroke patients and reduce the time to therapy.

Key Topics Include:

  • how to best utilize EEG to improve prognosis of stroke patients
  • how to decide already in an ambulance if the patient is a candidate for EVT
  • the added value of EEG for a stroke patient in an emergency setting

Who Should Attend?

  • biomedical engineers
  • neurophysiologists & neurologists
  • emergency medicine specialists
  • clinical neuroscientist
  • professionals interested in clinical machine learning

Click to watch the webinar recording. To view the presentation full screen simply click the square icon located in the bottom-right corner of the video-viewer.


Technical Physician
Amsterdam UMC

Dr. Wouter Potters is the Technical Physician in the department of Neurology and Clinical Neurophysiology at Amsterdam UMC. He obtained his PhD in the field of MRI research and has extensive clinical experience in nerve and muscle ultrasound, intra-operative neuromonitoring during deep brain stimulation, and EEG. Besides his clinical duties, Dr. Potters is responsible for the technical and IT infrastructure of the clinical neurophysiological department within Amsterdam UMC. Dr. Potters is a co-initiator of In 2018, Dr. Potters and Dr. Coutinho won the Amsterdam Science and Innovation award for their idea of stroke triage using EEG.

Webinar Host

ANT Neuro

ANT Neuro is a provider of neuroscience research and neurodiagnostics products, specifically EEG, EMG, MRI, TMS and MEG devices.

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