WEBINAR SERIES – Animal Behavioral Neuroscience 2019

WEBINAR SERIES – Animal Behavioral Neuroscience 2019

A webinar series focused on trending experimental design, innovative technologies, laboratory best-practices and exciting research case studies in the areas of animal behavior, cognition, learning and conditioning research. 

Webinar Series Participants

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Advances in instrumentation for behavioral neuroscience have provided researchers with a multitude of technologies for studying complex behavioral paradigms, neurophysiology and related disease in various animal models. The continued development of these technologies and novel application of such highlights the importance for a strong understanding of lab methodology, experimental design, equipment best-practices and how data should be managed and interpreted. These principles are essential for scientific discovery and successful publication.

Therefore, InsideScientific is excited to announce our webinar series “Animal Behavioral Neuroscience 2019”. The purpose of this series is to provide an overview of current trends and advancements in the field of preclinical animal behavioral neuroscience research.  We are in the process of planning webinars for this series, therefore, welcome scientists and industry professionals to SIGN UP and help shape our educational agenda.  

To attend or watch events in this series, visit the individual event pages listed below. 

  • Operant Conditioning
  • Appetitive and Aversive Testing
  • Schizophrenia, Dementia, and Motor Neuron Disease
  • Fear Conditioning
  • Place-Preference and Place-Avoidance
  • Active-Passive Avoidance
  • Fixed and Variable Reinforcement
  • Spatial Learning and Memory
  • Hippocampal Learning
  • Circadian Rhythms
  • Behavioral Phenotyping
  • Reward and Fear Conditioning Paradigms
  • Translation of Behaviors From Test Animals to Humans
  • Locomotion Behavior
  • Rodent models for behavioral research
  • Zebrafish models for behavioral research
  • Activity Measurement Systems / Locomotion Monitors
  • Analysis Software for Animal Behavior Research
  • Anxiety and Depression / Sociability Testing Equipment
  • Calorimetry / Energy Expenditures / Metabolic Function Systems
  • Cerebral Blood Flow Equipment
  • Coordination / Gait Analysis / Motility / Neuromuscular Function Systems
  • EEG Recording Systems
  • Fear Conditioning Systems
  • Home Cage Monitoring (single and group-housed animals)
  • Implantable, Wireless Telemetry for Measuring Physiology
  • Mazes
  • Microarrays and Microelectrodes
  • Operant Conditioning / Cognitive Testing / Learning & Memory Systems
  • Optogenetics Equipment
  • Pain and Analgesia Meters
  • Sleep Deprivation Equipment
  • Startle Response Systems
  • Treadmills
  • Motor Function and Performance Systems
  • Food and Liquid Intake Behavior Systems
  • Video Tracking Systems

Program Coordinator:

Andy Henton
Director, InsideScientific
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To discuss participation in this series as a presenter or sponsor, email: [email protected]