Women in STEM: Celebrating Our Incredible Female Presenters

Incredible effort has been made in recent years in encouraging girls and young women to pursue STEM education and careers. In doing so, we hope to break down stereotypes and balance the gender bias so that women can recognize their potential to thrive in the scientific community. Here at InsideScientific, we are fortunate to work very closely with intelligent, talented women in the fields of neuroscience, cardiovascular research, muscle physiology, immunology, metabolic function and obesity, pharmacology, cancer, and respiratory science.

In honor of International Women’s Day, we would like to not only recognize these incredible presenters, but also celebrate their immense successes and contributions to their respective fields. Check out the list below to read about some of the scientists who have presented their research in the past year!

Wendy Riggs, MS

Associate Professor of Biology
College of the Redwoods

Creating Community in Online STEM Classes

Join Wendy Riggs for a deep dive into the difficulties of building a community in online classrooms and how to overcome these barriers using technology.

Examining the Anatomy and Physiology Lab Experience

Wendy Riggs provides insight into her virtual Anatomy and Physiology Labs at the College of the Redwoods and discusses how she uses technology to facilitate meaningful learning opportunities for her students.

Fiona McBryde, PhD

Fiona McBryde, PhD

Senior Lecturer in Physiology
University of Auckland

An Integrated Understanding of Pressure and Flow – An Essential Partnership

Fiona McBryde shares her research on the relationship between blood pressure and blood flow to understand organ perfusion in healthy and disease states.

Merry Lindsey, PhD

Merry Lindsey, PhD

Chair of Cellular and Integrative Physiology
University of Nebraska Medical Center

Cardiac Inflammation and Repair Following Myocardial Infarction

Merry Lindsey discusses her research examining the physiology of recovery from cardiac events. Age plays a pivotal role in the deterioration of cardiovascular functionality, resulting in an increased risk of cardiovascular disease in older adults, including atherosclerosis, stroke, and myocardial infarction.

Thao P. Nguyen, MD, PhD

Thao Nguyen, MD, PhD

Associate Professor of Medicine
David Geffen School of Medicine

Fishing for Insights from Single-Lead and Multi-Lead ECG of Live Adult Zebrafish

Thao Nguyen discusses the exciting discoveries that her research team has made, debunks some common myths, and shares best-practices for data acquisition, analysis, and interpretation. Her in vivo studies of adult zebrafish cardiac electrophysiology rely on single-lead and multi-lead surface ECG in live anesthetized adult zebrafish.

Alicia Brantley, PhD

Alicia Brantley, PhD

Scientific Director
Mouse Behavior Core
Scripps Research, Florida Campus

Increasing Reproducibility and Reliability of Novel Object Tests Through Standardization and Automation

Join Alicia Brantley for a deep dive into her work involving novel object tests, the challenges associated with these protocols, and the solutions she is exploring to overcome these challenges.

Caroline Williams, PhD

Caroline Williams, PhD

Associate Professor of Integrative Biology
University of California, Berkeley

Ecophysiological Impacts of Climate Change: Performance, Fitness and Extinction

Caroline Williams discusses how winter climate change impacts the ecology and evolution of insects and other ectotherms in order to predict when and where populations will increase versus decline.

Emma Karey, PhD

Emma Karey

Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Environmental Medicine
NYU Grossman School of Medicine

Assessing Toxicity and Health Risks of E-cigarettes: How to Take Aim at a Moving Target

Emma Karey presents research that challenges the convention that extant cigarette endpoints sufficiently capture the health risks of vaping, and provides a translational framework for how to integrate scientific principles and novel conditions.

Janine Mauzeroll, PhD

Professor of Chemistry
McGill University

The Wonderful World of Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy (SECM)

Janine Mauzeroll discusses the fundamentals, critical experimental parameters, and recent applications for SECM.

Lais Berro, PhD

Lais Berro, PhD

Instructor in Psychiatry and Human Behavior
University of Mississippi Medical Center

Using EEG to Evaluate the Behavioral Effects of Benzodiazepines in Rhesus Monkeys

Lais Berro presents recent research demonstrating the anxiolytic, sedative, and abuse-related effects of benzodiazepine drugs, and how they correlate with telemetry-based EEG recordings in a translational non-human primate model.

Sophie Pezet, PhD

Sophie Pezet, PhD

Associate Professor of Physics for Medicine
Ecole Supérieure de Physique et Chimie Industrielles

Functional Ultrasound Imaging in Pain and Pharmacology Research

Sophie Pezet illustrates the use of functional ultrasound to study the alterations of cerebral networks in two animal models of inflammatory pain, and also presents a recent study analyzing the vascularization of the spinal cord in rats.

Charlotte A. Peterson, PhD

Charlotte A. Peterson, PhD

Joseph Hamburg Endowed Professor and Director of the Center for Muscle Biology Physical Therapy
University of Kentucky

The Challenges of Sarcopenia: Definition, Underlying Mechanisms, Interventions, and Outcomes

Charlotte Peterson discusses sarcopenia, the physiological mechanisms underlying the disease, and treatments in development.

Marcela V. Maus, MD, PhD

Marcela Maus, MD, PhD

Associate Professor of Medicine and Director of the Cellular Immunotherapy Program
Harvard Medical School

Engineered T Cells for Cancer

Marcela Maus explains the components and technologies used in making a chimeric antigen receptor T cell product, important considerations for efficacy, and underlying mechanisms of toxicity and resistance.

Joy Wu, MD, PhD

Joy Wu, MD, PhD

Associate Professor of Endocrinology
Stanford University School of Medicine

Aging and Bone Health

Joy Wu reviews the pathophysiology of bone loss with aging, particularly the imbalance between bone formation by osteoblasts and bone resorption by osteoclasts, and discusses potential therapeutic approaches.

Fiona Harrison, PhD

Fiona Harrison, PhD

Associate Professor of Medicine
Vanderbilt University Medical Center

EEG Monitoring Approaches to Predict Learning and Memory Changes in Early Alzheimer’s Disease

Fiona Harrison discusses how dietary deficiency and exposure to toxins can impact glutamate uptake and clearance, and how subsequent changes in neural signaling can be detected through altered EEG activity and performance on learning and memory tasks.

Suzanne de la Monte, MD, MPH

Suzanne De La Monte, MD, MPH

Professor of Pathology, Laboratory Medicine, and Neurosurgery
Brown University

Malignant Brain Aging: The Formidable Link to Neurodegeneration

Suzanne de la Monte demonstrates how malignant aging and attendant neurodegeneration are likely mediated by fundamental defects in insulin’s actions and aberrant cellular responses to insulin.

Anna Cavaccini, PhD

Anna Cavaccini, PhD

Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Brain Research Institute
University of Zurich

Sensorimotor Network Development During Early Postnatal Life in the Awake and Sleeping Brain

Anna Cavaccini presents recent research and discusses challenges in performing brain activity studies during locomotion in mouse pups.

Aileen King, PhD

Aileen King, PhD

Senior Lecturer at the School of Life Course Sciences
King’s College London

Sex, Drugs and Protocol: How Researcher Choices Impact Experimental Outcomes in Preclinical Diabetes Research

Aileen King demonstrates that small alterations to experimental protocol and choice of model can substantially impact both animal welfare and data interpretation when studying blood glucose homeostasis in mice.

Sue Bodine, PhD

Sue Bodine, PhD

Professor of Internal Medicine
University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine

Aging and Skeletal Muscle Plasticity

Sue Bodine highlights her research on muscle mass decline with aging and the effect of innervation on muscle atrophy.

Mariana J. Kaplan, MD

Mariana Kaplan, MD

Senior Investigator and Chief of the Systemic Autoimmunity Branch

Premature Vascular Disease in Autoimmunity

Mariana Kaplan highlights the role of systemic autoimmunity in the development of vasculopathy and atherosclerosis and discusses potential strategies to prevent these complications.

Geertje van Bergen, PhD

Geertje vanBergen

Consumer Scientist
Wageningen University and Research

More Than Meets the Eye: Flavor Perception, Facial Expression Analysis, and Predicting Food Choice Behavior

Geertje van Bergen discusses how consumer expectations and real-time measurement techniques can be used to investigate the underlying process of food evaluations.

Caroline Wuyts, MSc

Caroline Wuyts, MSc

PhD Candidate in the Department of Cellular and Molecular Medicine
KU Leuven – VIB

Continuous Glucose Monitoring and Glycemic Variability in Pregnancy

Caroline Wuyts presents research on pregnancy and monitoring glucose availability via telemetry throughout the reproductive timeline of a mouse model.

Gwendalyn J Randolph, PhD

Gwendalyn J. Randolph, PhD

Emil R. Unanue Professor of Pathology and Immunology
Washington University School of Medicine, St Louis

Immunophysiological Mechanisms that Limit Dissemination of Microbial Signals from the Intestine

Gwendalyn Randolph discusses strategies that the intestine uses to limit the dissemination of inflammatory signals in the venous and lymphatic vasculature.

Danyi Wen, MBA, MSc, MD

Danyi Wen

Founder, President, and CEO
Shanghai LIDE Co. Ltd. (LIDE)

Translational Applications of MiniPDX: An In Vivo Organoid Assay in New Drug R&D

Danyi Wen describes a novel test using patient derived xenograft (PDX) samples to measure drug efficacy and identify therapeutic candidates in personalized oncology treatments.

We are very grateful for the research being conducted by highly skilled women, and especially appreciative of these scientists for sharing their findings with us.

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