A newly created 7-day hands-on laboratory workshop hosted at RRSSC in Almere, The Netherlands focused on mastering the glucose clamp technique in awake and behaving mice and rats.

The aim of the Glucose Clamp training program module is to provide the participants with the necessary skills to design, execute, and analyze a glucose clamp experiment in conscious, freely moving rats or mice, taking the animal all the way from surgery to data analysis. Course participants will have ample opportunity to become familiar with the surgical techniques and experimental procedures needed to clamp their rodent species of choice. Furthermore, through lectures on isotopic tracers, experimental design considerations, and data analysis, participants will acquire the knowledge to benefit from the full potential of the glucose clamp technique. With this we hope to aid those laboratories needing to perform glucose clamps on a regular basis in implementing the usage of this technically challenging technique at their institution.

At the lab each participant has their own set-up including operating microscope, surgical tools, suture materials and pathogen free laboratory rats or mice (as required). The number of attendees per course is limited to 8 participants. Registration and completion of the training program includes the following:

  • A numbered certificate
  • Hand-out of all PowerPoint slides used
  • Documentation on the surgical tools, catheters and operating microscopes used
  • Lunch, coffee, tea and soft drinks each day
  • Shuttle from the Bastion hotel to the 3-R’s facility

Key training subjects include:

  • Participants will be able to set up the Glucose Clamp in both rats and mice.
  • Do the required jugular and carotid catheterization surgical technique
  • Be in line with International standardization of the Clamp technique (Vanderbilt)

Materials for this program, including catheters and vascular access buttons, have been kindly supplied by Instech Laboratories, IncLearn more about Glucose Clamping in Rodents at www.instech.com

New Dates Will be Announced Soon


RRSSC Training Centre, Almere, The Netherlands

Registration Fee

  • Industry: €6,300
  • Government and Foundations: €4,900
  • Academy: €4,550

Workshop Dates

    April 26 - May 2, 2020