Amuza Inc

Amuza Inc

Address: 10060 Carroll Canyon Rd. Ste. 100, San Diego , California, United States



Phone: 858-225-6869

Amuza Inc provides Microdialysis, Neurotransmitter Analysis (HPLC-ECD), Wireless Optogenetics, and Behavior Testing and Monitoring Systems. Formerly Eicom USA, Amuza Inc now provides and supports Eicom, O’Hara, and Teleopto neuroscience products.

Amuza can help your lab in: Electrochemical detection, HPLC-ECD, monoamines, catecholamines, amino acids, acetylcholine, lick tests, operant chambers, self-restraint chambers, automated high-throughput behavioral testing, learning and memory tests, in-vitro and in-vivo optogenetics, fiber photometry, and many other areas.

San Diego based Amuza has special knowledge and experience developed through collaboration with leading researchers in these fields, and seeks to improve the experiences of researchers in every field we touch.

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