HEKA Elektronik GmbH

HEKA Elektronik GmbH

Address: Wiesenstraße 55, Lambrecht/Pfalz , Germany, D-67466

Website: http://www.heka.com

Email: sales@heka.com

Phone: +49 (0) 6325 9553-0

For over 45 years HEKA has designed and manufactured sophisticated instrumentation and software for biomedical, electrochemical and industrial research applications. Through the years HEKA has achieved an unparalleled reputation for precision and quality. Most medical, pharmaceutical and industrial research facilities world-wide rely on HEKA ingenuity for their discoveries.

Throughout these 45 years there have been so many changes in research, instrumentation and software. The one constant that has remained the same is their commitment, to bring innovative technology to their most important business partner, their customer. HEKA is a select group of electrical engineers, biomedical researchers, and computer scientists who pride themselves on the quality of HEKA products and customer support. HEKA is big enough to offer complete pre-and post-sales technical support, while still small enough to give exclusive attention to each customer. HEKA designs, fabricates, tests, perfects, sells and services systems. In every way, HEKA provides solutions.

View Parent Company: Harvard Bioscience, Inc.

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