Motion Analysis Corporation

Motion Analysis Corporation

Address: 6085 State Farm Dr. Ste 100, Rohnert Park , California, United States, 94928



Phone: +1 (707) 579-6500

Motion Analysis has been the international industry leader in motion capture technology for over 35 years. Founded in Santa Rosa in 1982, they quickly established themselves as an innovative force in the motion capture world. Since Motion Analysis was formed, they’ve worked closely with renowned specialists to create continuously cutting-edge hardware and software solutions for a wide range of industries including video game design, studio broadcasting, AR, VR, medical biomechanics, product development, robotics, and ergonomics.

In 2008, they released Cortex, their robust motion tracking and editing software which provides the most complete set of visualization tools in the industry. Cortex has since become our standout innovation, and is used at hundreds of sites around the world to capture, process, measure, and produce reliable data. Motion Analysis’ constant product development ensures that their motion capture solutions remain the most accurate and advanced that the industry has to offer.