NIRx Medical Technologies, LLC

NIRx Medical Technologies, LLC

Address: 15 Cherry Lane, Glen Head , New York, United States, 11545


Phone: +1 (612) 605-6033

NIRx Medical Technologies, LLC. is a world-leader in providing integrated solutions for NIRS tomographic imaging. In 1988, we introduced the concept of tomographic imaging in dense scattering media based on diffusely scattered light. This approach has since been widely adapted and has served to launch the modern day field NIRS tomography.

Since then we have consistently pushed this technology forward with scientific development and product innovation. Through our offices in Brooklyn, New York and Berlin, Germany our engineers and NIH funded investigators are providing a growing number of research teams world-wide with comprehensive technology solutions for the most demanding investigative applications.

We provide custom technology solutions to the investigative community for a wide range of NIRS imaging applications. While many of our systems are in the field of neuroscience (infants to adults), they are also used for investigation of breast cancer, peripheral vascular disease and the study of small animals.

NIRx fNIRS Technology & Service Overview:

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