SciMedia, Ltd.

SciMedia, Ltd.

Address: 940 South Coast Drive, Suite 160 , California, United States, 92626



Phone: 7148500797

SciMedia specializes in complete turn-key, high speed optical mapping systems for neuroscience and cardiac research. Our cameras utilize unique CMOS sensors, which are designed to detect voltage, calcium, and intrinsic signals, while providing an optimal combination of high speed, high resolution, and high signal to noise ratios. SciMedia also offers custom macroscopes specifically designed for wide-field fluorescence imaging applications, as well as bright and stable light sources, a multifunctional stimulator, and other peripheral devices for optical mapping experiments.  Since 1998, SciMedia has been supporting customers and collaborating with labs internationally. Based on ideas and requests from researchers, we strive to offer the highest quality optical mapping system hardware and software.