ViewPoint Behavior Technology

ViewPoint Behavior Technology

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Whether you are working on social behavior, learning and memory, behavioral auditory system, visual acuity assessment, ecotoxicology, compound screening and much more, ViewPoint Behavior Technology delivers tailored solutions to fit your needs for fish, rodents, primates, invertebrates behavioral research.

ViewPoint is a french company involved worldwide for over 30 years in health and environmental research. In 1990, ViewPoint Behavior Technology was the first company to automate locomotor tracking of rodents for researchers working in Neurosciences : VideoTrack.
In 2001, we developed the first worldwide videotracking software for zebrafish : ZebraLab

Our products are applicable to virtually any behavioral experiment. Allowing researchers to use our products in any field, to study an unlimited number of topics, in the fields of neuroscience, ecotoxicology, drug discovery, toxicology etc …

Our team of engineers brings a vast amount of technical knowledge, and works closely with our user community to offer advanced solutions.

Innovation is the core of our company. ViewPoint is recognized as a leader in the industry and academia, and is the go-to resource for the best scientists looking for reliable video tracking solutions.

Our solutions give access to high throughput screening, reliable data, better time and cost efficiency and ground-breaking studies.

ViewPoint offers following solutions :

For aquatic species :

  • automated videotracking software
  • Learning and memory in zebrafish
  • toxicology and drug discovery
  • cardiovascular screening
  • Optomotor Response for adult or larvae
  • Optokinetic Response OKR
  • Zebrafish PrePulse Inhibition & Sensorimotor Gating/PPI
  • Shoaling Behavior in zebrafish
  • Vibration for auditory analysis
  • Sizing
  • Optogenetic and optopharmacoloy
  • mazes

For Rodents :

  • automated videotracking software
  • Learning and Memory
  • Social behavoir
  • Sleep Deprivation and analysis
  • Wireless Electrophysiology
  • Mazes for anxiety, learning and memory, depression tests
  • Infrared light solutions
  • Topographic memory
  • Gait analysis /catwalk method
  • Enriched environmement for rodents
  • Home cage activity 24/7
  • virtual reality
  • operant conditioning
  • Quantitative OptoMotor Response

Other species :

  • Primate activity
  • Airborne/Aquatic multi species online monitoring