Wearable Sensing

Wearable Sensing

Address: 16744 W. Bernardo Dr., San Diego , California, United States, 92127

Website: https://www.wearablesensing.com/

Email: info@wearablesensing.com

Phone: 858-215-4850

Explore Wearable Sensing’s comprehensive physiological monitoring solutions: their Dry Sensor Interface (DSI) headsets, built on QUASAR’s dry electrode EEG technology, provide research-grade accuracy and wireless mobility for artifact-free brain monitoring in naturalistic environments and Virtual Reality. Neuracle’s State-of-the-Art systems enable high-density acquisition and mobile EEG. TEAErgo’s CAPTIV and Neurolab software acquire multimodal signals including EEG, EMG, ECG, IMU motion tracking, respiration, and GSR, and integrate with EyeTechDS’ reliable eye-tracking systems. These systems offer turnkey solutions for research in BCI, neurorehabilitation, neurofeedback, neuroergonomics, neuromarketing, and peak-performance training.