Learn about LED-based products for analytical spectroscopy applications, advantages over conventional light sources and the easy integration into mobile equipment.

Key Topics Include:

  • Innovative technical solution – performance of the first broadband UV LED light source FiberLight®L3
  • Enabling mobile spectroscopy – advantages of broadband UV LED FiberLight®L3 over conventional light sources, overcoming the limitations of current solutions.

Who Should Attend?

This webinar would be of interest to: technology specialists, engineers, product managers, developers, scientists and application specialists.

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Product Manager
Heraeus Noblelight

Tanja Reinert is working in product management for analytical light sources. Her experience includes a master’s degree in industrial engineering and several years of work experience as a lab assistant. Since 4 years she is part of Heraeus Noblelight and focused on light sources to make mobile spectroscopy simple.

Sr. Product Manager
Heraeus Noblelight

Theo Schneider, electrical engineer, has been working for more than 2 decades in the specialty lighting industry as product specialist for light sources used for spectroscopy, lithography, fluorescence, microscopy, endoscopy and other physical or medical light applications.

Production Partner

Heraeus Noblelight

Heraeus Noblelight's UV research and commercial application pedigree is long and storied from the development of the world's first UV radiation source in 1890 to the first microwave-powered UV curing lamp in 1971. Today, Heraeus Noblelight offers a comprehensive line of UV products used in a wide range of industries and applications from industrial UV curing applications to air, water, and surface disinfection and more.

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