Real-World Data for Mental Health – Understanding Outcomes and Unlocking Pathways to More Precise Treatments

OM1 was founded by a team dedicated to the belief that participating in value-based healthcare requires a much more complete view of patient outcomes than what has been available until now. Therefore, OM1 has built the largest electronically-connected mental health specialty network in the United States that is rich with longitudinal clinical data representing all 50 states across a range of conditions such as depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorders, and post-traumatic stress disorder. This unique specialty network can help accelerate research, demonstrate treatment effectiveness, support regulatory submissions, monitor safety, and inform commercialization of new products to help patients in need.

In this latest video interview at HealthEconomics.Com, Carl Marci, MD, from OM1 discusses:

  • Real world data, real world evidence, and current trends that increase the importance of this type of information in healthcare overall
  • The key to “great data”
  • What is leading to the focus on mental health
  • What gaps have been uncovered with this increased mental health focus
  • How RWD can help advance mental health treatments
  • How OM1 is contributing to the mental health space