CorTec GmbH

CorTec GmbH

Address: Georges-Kahler-Allee 010, Freiburg , Germany, D-79110



CorTec is thinking ahead, developing tomorrow’s neuroprosthetics technology today. Our great strength is that our technology is derived from one single thought – from the basic idea up to its subsequent therapeutic use. This way, we create innovations regarding therapy, rehabilitation, and assistive technologies.

CorTec is a limited liability company that was founded in Freiburg, Germany, in September 2010. The company is currently located at the Airport Campus of the University of Freiburg. In summer of 2018 CorTec will move into new premises close by including own clean room facilities. Thus, a continued growth of the company is ensured as well as the existing interconnection with science and research.

We are following the vision to take implantable technologies to the next level by providing innovative solutions that enable you to develop highly efficient and personalized therapies. Click here to learn more about our Solutions to Industry.

CorTec develops and markets innovative neuroprosthetic devices providing a lot of new opportunities for therapy and research. With products for the next generation of neurotherapy CorTec makes it possible to accurately address a multitude of diseases and research issues. Click here to learn more about CorTec Research & Development.

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