Diagnostic Biochips

Diagnostic Biochips

Address: 802 Cromwell Park Drive , Maryland, United States, 21061

Website: https://www.diagnosticbiochips.com

Email: ssmith@diagnosticbiochips.com

Phone: 410-205-2443

Intuitive and powerful neural probes designed to support groundbreaking research in electrophysiology.

High-density data with our cloud-based software for spike sorting and analysis – anywhere, anytime.

The science is hard…the tools shouldn’t be.

Diagnostic Biochips’ mission is to provide intuitive and powerful neural probes to unlock access to previously inaccessible brain regions and advance neuroscience to enable therapies and cures for neurological disorders and diseases. To learn more about their products, including probes and the new DBCloud platform for data analysis, visit their products page or read about specific example applications.

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