In this webinar, Dr. Fan Wu and Lidor Spivak discuss the use of artificial intelligence to automate electrophysiological data analysis, including a new cloud-based software platform.

Diagnostic Biochips has recently released DBCloud, which is a cloud-based service that allows electrophysiology researchers to store, visualize, analyze, and share data, all from the simple interface of an internet browser. This not only saves researchers from setting up expensive storage and compute resources locally, but also helps to standardize and maintain data management and analysis pipelines, which are critical for effective collaborations between different organizations.

In this webinar, we present a new feature using artificial intelligence to guide post-spikesorting curation steps that would otherwise require researchers to painstakingly and subjectively curate the spikesorting results manually. The AI algorithm learns to mimic the decisions made by human curators, and generates models that can automatically generate recommended curation steps. By leveraging the expansive database on DBCloud, we expect the AI models to improve from iterative training processes, and they can be tailored for specific types of recordings. It is conceivable that the models can reach human performance and completely eliminate the need for manual spikesorting curation.

Key Topics Include:

  • General application and usage of DBCloud
  • How AI-models on DBCloud can significantly improve spikesorting quality and throughput
  • Learn how to participate in beta testing and become a DBCloud user



Vice President
Product Development
Diagnostic Biochips

Fan Wu has more than 15 years of experience in designing implantable systems for neuroscience research based on electrophysiology. He is currently leading a team of engineers at Diagnostic Biochips Inc. to develop the next generation microelectrodes, as well as a cloud-based platform to store, analyze and share complex ephys data.

PhD student
Sagol School of Neuroscience
Tel-Aviv University

Lidor Spivak is a computational neuroscience PhD student at Tel Aviv University, investigating the mechanisms underlying neural network connectivity. He is also a professional consultant at Diagnostic Biochips, where he is developing an automated spike sorting, cloud-based platform.

Production Partner

Diagnostic Biochips

Intuitive and powerful neural probes designed to support groundbreaking research in electrophysiology. High-density data with our cloud-based software for spike sorting and analysis - anywhere, anytime. The science is hard...the tools shouldn't be.

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