ImmuONE Limited

ImmuONE Limited

Address: Sycamore House, Gunnels Wood Road , United Kingdom, SG1 2BP



Phone: 07507973489

ImmuONE pioneers advanced respiratory in vitro cell culture products and contract research services, specializing in inhalation safety testing. We are dedicated to supporting companies and researchers in comprehending the intricate interactions and safety implications of inhaled products on immune cells within the airways.

🔬 Innovation in Inhalation Safety Testing:
ImmuONE employs state-of-the-art techniques to address unmet needs in inhalation assessment. Our in vitro scientists collaborate closely with clients, developing assays and strategies to address toxicity and translational needs.

🌬️ Revolutionizing Safety Assessment:
Traditionally, alveolar safety relied on narrow epithelial cell models, often overlooking long-term adverse effects. ImmuONE emphasizes immune-competent models, crucial for comprehensive safety assessments. Our focus on alveolar macrophages, the lung’s first responders, ensures nuanced responses are captured.

🌐 Cross-Industry Impact:
Products with inhalation potential require human safety evidence across industries like pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, consumer goods, chemicals, agri-chemical, manufacturing, and environmental. ImmuONE’s services, products, and experts provide detailed insights into alveolar macrophage responses, supporting the classification of responses as adaptive or adverse.

🔍 Specialized In-House Services:
Our in-house capabilities include a specialization in alveolar high-content imaging assays. The morph_ONE™ assay, combining cell morphology with health and biochemical readouts, classifies macrophage mechanisms. Our novel products, ImmuPHAGE™ and ImmuLUNG™, offer in-depth analysis of macrophage responses in the lungs and alveolar epithelial tissue.

💡 Expertise for Informed Decision-Making:
ImmuONE’s expertise accelerates go/no-go decision-making for safety and efficacy assessments, benefiting pharmaceuticals, chemicals, tobacco/vape, and consumer goods industries. Our services prove safety post-marketing and support approval of new ingredients in industries where animal assessments are challenging.

Join ImmuONE in advancing inhalation safety testing. Explore our range of services and products for detailed insights into alveolar macrophage responses and informed decision-making.

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