Join Prof. Victoria Hutter and Dr. Louis Scott as they showcase the application of high-content imaging and advanced cell lines for drug safety assessment.

Safety concerns play a significant role in the unsuccessful progression of candidate compounds in the later stages of drug development. Establishing the connection between in vitro endpoints and human health outcomes is essential.

In this webinar, Prof. Victoria Hutter and Dr. Louis Scott present a novel tool for in vitro safety assessment in drug development. The morph_ONE™ assay provides a human-centric approach to potentially fill specific regulatory gaps concerning safety issues. This tool is capable of profiling both human and rat alveolar macrophages, offering valuable insights for hazard identification and toxicity assessments. By bridging the divide between cellular effects and overall risk, it has the potential to enhance our understanding of safety-related aspects in drug development.

Key Topics Include:

  • Explore distinct in vitro screening techniques for evaluating the safety of emerging inhaled products, facilitating early and informed decisions in compound selection and development.
  • How high-content image analysis (HCIA) cell painting assays can be used as a forward-looking high-throughput screening tool, distinguishing unique response patterns in alveolar macrophages.
  • Understand the use of the ImmuPHAGE™ and ImmuLUNG™ models  in conducting customized evaluations focused on inhalation safety.


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Chief Scientific Officer

Victoria Hutter is Chief Scientific Officer at ImmuONE, a contract research organisation specializing in in vitro toxicology solutions for the inhaled products industries. She is also Professor of in vitro toxicology at the University of Hertfordshire. Victoria and her team develop new models and assessment methodologies for inhaled toxicology with a focus on the inflammatory responses of the respiratory airways and alveoli.

Commercial Lead in Immunology

Louis Scott is the Commercial Lead in Immunology at ImmuONE. Louis joined ImmuONE as he believed that there was a need for robust, animal-free, and human-relevant models in toxicity testing. Being an immunologist by trade, he advocates exploring the modulation of tissue-resident immune cell biology to better understand the intricate ways in which inhaled compounds affect our lungs. Louis is devoted to supporting client needs and helping design effective study approaches. In his role at ImmuONE, he enjoys the privilege of meeting researchers and clients from around the world, gaining insights into their unique requirements and challenges.

Production Partner

ImmuONE Limited

ImmuONE provides innovative respiratory in vitro cell culture products and contract research services for inhalation safety testing. Our focus is supporting companies and researchers to understand the interaction and safety implications of inhaled products with immune cells in the airways.

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