Tecniplast S.p.A.

Tecniplast S.p.A.

Address: Via I Maggio, 6, 21020 Buguggiate VA , Italy

Website: https://www.tecniplast.it/

Email: info@tecniplast.it

Phone: +39 0332 809711

Tecniplast Group, leading company in the lab animal industry since 1949, designs, manufactures and distributes equipment for vivaria. Thanks to our 360 ° view of the needs of a modern facility we can offer the most comprehensive product portfolio, ranging from housing systems to laminar flow cabinets, from aquatic solutions to washing equipment, from automations to decontamination services, all tied together by logistics products, monitoring and analysis platforms. “Innovation through passion” is not just an empty boast but our soul always aiming at the future: the best examples are the revolutionary DVC® – Digital Ventilated Cage and Atlantis rack washer, that enhance the threshold in animal welfare, users experience and management, projecting the vivarium into the next era.

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