Dr. Gerry Herrera discusses automated analysis of behavioral data in fear conditioning research, including study design, the importance of instrument calibration and how to ensure systems score behavior accurately and consistently.

This webinar deals with the hot topic of automated analysis of behavioral data. Don’t fall victim to the approach of “set it and forget it” that is all too common in this field. It is important to understand the underlying behavior that is being measured. The test system used for automated analysis should provide a way for the user to take control of and validate the settings used for analysis. Only after careful validation can the research results be trusted and relied upon.

During this educational webinar Dr. Gerry Herrera, Vice President of Med Associates Inc., reviews hardware and system configuration strategy as it relates to the popular Video Freeze® System for automated fear conditioning studies in laboratory rodents. In addition, he discusses key principles behind fear conditioning paradigms, correct protocol design, and the importance of both methods and equipment validation.

Key Topics Include:

Key topics in this webinar include…

  • hardware requirements and system configuration strategy
  • how to design a fear conditioning study, calibrate instrumentation, and VALIDATE instrument recordings
  • how automated systems should operate to faithfully score behavior as a trained human observer would
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