Massimo Alfano, PhD discusses a novel platform for bladder tumor imaging.

Join Dr. Massimo Alfano from San Raffaele University for the fourth episode of the Vevo 4 Oncology Web Series. There is a need within health programs for diagnostic imaging and eradication of small, chemo-resistant neoplastic lesions. In this webinar, Dr. Alfano discusses a novel technological platform for early detection of neoplastic modifications and early treatment of solid cancers, including bladder neoplasia. Those from any education or experience level are welcome to join to learn more about contrast-enhanced bladder tumor imaging.

Key Topics Include:

  • Health programs crave for diagnostic imaging and eradication of chemo resistant neoplastic lesions smaller than 1 mm of size.
  • Novel technological platform for the early detection of neoplastic modifications and early treatment of solid cancers. Proof of concept in preclinical models of bladder cancer.
  • Advanced transformative technology, integrating the use of targeted gold nano-rods, high-resolution sonography and photoacoustic imaging in a unique and novel platform for the 3D visualization of bladder neoplasia < 0.5 mm.


Group Leader, Extracellular Microenvironment Unit
Urological Research Institute
DiBit2, Scientific Institute San Raffaele

Massimo Alfano is a biologist with experience in the field of preclinical and translational research. He has developed extensive scientific expertise and gained managerial skills allowing him to interact with national and international granting agencies, as well as with multi- and inter-disciplinary scientists to design integrated approaches to different diseases, including both non-oncology and oncology fields.

Webinar Host

FUJIFILM VisualSonics Inc.

FUJIFILM VisualSonics designs and manufactures ultra high frequency in vivo imaging systems, for both research and clinical use. our ultrasound platform provides images at resolutions that far exceed any other system available on the market. Beyond ultrasound, we have also developed a unique photoacoustic technology to expand on the capabilities of our imaging solutions.

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