Dr. Navin Kapur presents a detailed look at how Pressure-Volume loops impact outcomes in basic research and clinical therapies.

In this exclusive webinar sponsored by Millar, Dr. Navin Kapur, Assistant Professor and Assistant Director of the Interventional Cardiology Center at Tufts Medical Center, discusses how PV loop data can translate over from mouse to man and provide a confident approach to evaluating drug studies, device validation and treatments outcomes. Hemodynamics and measurements of cardiac function from the research bench-top are presented along with findings from clinical research settings. Furthermore, Dr. Kapur provides perspective on how PV Loops can be used as a tool for the interventional cardiologist and during the evaluation of advanced heart failure.

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Assistant Director / Assistant Professor
Interventional Cardiology Center Investigator
Molecular Cardiology Research Institute (MCRI)

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Millar, Inc

Millar provides innovative physiological monitoring solutions to the medical science community including telemetry, pressure and PV systems.

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