#ExpertAnswers: Adrián Rodríguez-Contreras and Barbara Lind on Neurovascular Coupling

Airdate: Wednesday, November 16, 2022  Season: 9  Episode: 57

Guests: Adrián Rodríguez-Contreras, Barbara Lykke Lind


This episode of #ExpertAnswers features Adrián Rodríguez-Contreras, PhD and Barbara Lind, PhD. Adrián is an Associate Professor in Communication Sciences and Disorders at Northwestern University and Barbara is an Assistant Professor at the University of Copenhagen. They recently presented their work on neurovascular coupling in awake head-fixed and anesthetized mice, with a focus on the effects of anesthetics.

For more information or to watch the webinar, click here.

Associated Webinar: Neurovascular Coupling: Novel Insights from Studies in Awake Head-Fixed and Anesthetized Mice

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