AEI Technologies

AEI Technologies

Address: 300 William Pitt Way, Pittsburgh , Pennsylvania, United States, 15238



For over 45 years, AEI Technologies’ S-3A Oxygen and CD-3A Carbon Dioxide analyzers have been relied upon by leading research institutions as the Gold Standard in respiratory gas analysis. Our team of engineers are continuously evaluating and improving our products and coming up with innovative ideas to achieve the best performance possible for our customers. We pride ourselves on creating products with superior performance and focus on speed, accuracy and long term repeatability. When evaluated and compared to the competition, AEI Technologies products are second to none.

Combining the precision and reliability of our S-3A and CD-3A gas analyzers is our turn-key metabolic cart, MOXUS. The MOXUS is the only completely modular metabolic cart currently available today. The MOXUS is ideal for Research, Teaching and Clinical metabolic measurements with the fastest response time available, unsurpassed accuracy and unwavering stability guarantees data you can depend on today, tomorrow and in years to come. Learn more about MOXUS here.

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