Cutting Edge Conversations 2021

Cutting Edge Conversations

Introducing’s Fall 2021 Cutting Edge Conversations Series!

This webinar series offers a deep dive into specific research areas and focused insights regarding market-relevant processes from respected firms in the industry. Each meeting focuses on a specific challenge and showcase the innovative approaches of different research organizations. During the live Q&A session, all attendees can participate in a lively discussion on the given problem and solutions.

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The Role of In Vivo Studies in Personalized Medicine

Tues, Aug 24, 2021

The 1st episode in the Cutting Edge Conversation series sheds a light on the skepticism surrounding personalized medicine, which allows healthcare to be tailored to an individual’s unique genetic profile, providing for a more precise and tailored treatment. However, questions have been raised regarding this approach: if treatments are tailored to each individual’s genetic makeup, how can we test if it will actually work? How do we know it is safe? Guest speakers from Certis Oncology and Hera BioLabs address these questions and more, discussing how these standards are met using in vivo models meant to closely mirror the human response to tumors and other conditions.

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Jonathan Nakashima

Jonathan Nakashima, PhD
Professor and Director of the Dog Aging Project
Certis Oncology

Grace Walton

Grace Walton, PhD
Scientist, Business Development
Hera BioLabs

Value, Access and Evidence – Biotech Market Access

Tue, Sep 21, 2021

Sajjad Raza, Steven Fountain, and Sonya Snedecor join Episode 2 of’s Cutting Edge Conversations series with a presentation on the challenge research manufacturers face when they need to maximize access for patients with payers. The many considerations for a biotechnology company during various phases of drug development and how companies could use efficient sourcing strategies for market access.

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Sajjad Raza

Sajjad Raza, MD, PhD, MSM

Steven Fountain

Steven Fountain, MBA
Client Partnership Director
PRMA Consulting

Sonya Snedecor

Sonya Snedecor, PhD
Executive Director
OPEN Health Group

Challenges in Sourcing Human Biosamples

Wed, Oct 20, 2021

Richard Kondo, McLean Collins, and Cathie G. Miller highlighted Episode 3 of the Cutting Edge Conversations series focused on innovations in the area of sourcing human biosamples for research. The event focused on sourcing human samples for research, including the value and necessity of working with human tissue during drug discovery, as well as some of the distinct challenges researchers face.

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Richard Kondo

Richard Kondo, PhD
Director, Business Development

McLean Collins

McLean Collins
Senior Vice President
Global Accounts
Discovery Life Sciences

Cathie Miller

Cathie G. Miller, PhD
Senior Marketing Director
Personalized Medicine

Chemistry, Manufacturing and Controls

Tues, Nov 16, 2021

The 4th episode in the Cutting Edge Conversation series features Dr. Mujeebur Rahuman, Dr. Holger von Moeller, and Dr. Fernando Huerta as they discuss about industry challenges and innovations surrounding Chemical, Manufacturing and Controls in the life sciences industry.

Presenters spoke about RNA based therapies, and biologics, with a focus on the clinical development process of these new methodologies. They examined Investigational New Drug submission, which is one of the bottlenecks facing industry professionals, and  discussed how to accelerate that process as a component of Good Manufacturing Practice. The presenters expanded upon current topics such as manufacturing and controls for vaccines as well as new formulation techniques and solid state crystal forms. The group Q&A session provided all attendees with an opportunity to question these experts on any of these topics.

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Mujeebur Rahuman

M.S.M. Mujeebur Rahuman, PhD
SVP & Head
Chemical Development Solutions

Fernando Huerta

Fernando Huerta, PhD
Project Director
RISE Bioscience & Materials, SE

Biomarkers: Challenges and Opportunities

Tues, Dec 14, 2021

In the 5th and final webinar within the Cutting Edge Conversation Series experts discuss new technologies and developments regarding Biomarkers. Topics discussed will range from the potential of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) utility as a non-invasive biomarker to how experts in Genomics can validate a large portfolio of biomarkers via an integrated approach. They specifically delve into the development of the OMNI Assay and speak broadly about the enhancement of global biomarker discovery capabilities and data quality.

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Bhavika Patel

Bhavika Patel, PhD
Lanterne Dx

Morad Nakhleh

Morad Nakhleh, PhD
Head Commercial Biomarker Strategist
Owlstone Medical

Natalie Smith

Natalie Smith, MSc
Senior Pharma & Translational Genomics Manager
Eurofins Genomics