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  • Research Technology & Innovations Summits 2022_FI

Research Technology & Innovation Summits

The 2022 InsideScientific Research Technology & Innovation Summits focus on specific research and therapeutic areas, reviewing how novel technologies and innovative services are advancing discovery in each particular field.

  • Cutting Edge Conversations 2021

Cutting Edge Conversations 2021

Introducing's Fall 2021 Cutting Edge Conversations Series! This webinar series offers a deep dive into specific research areas and focused insights regarding market-relevant processes from respected firms in the industry. Each meeting will focus on a specific challenge and showcase the innovative approaches of different research organizations.

  • Cutting Edge Conversation: Challenges in Sourcing Human Biosamples

Cutting Edge Conversations: Challenges in Sourcing Human Biosamples

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Richard Kondo, McLean Collins, and Cathie G. Miller highlighted Episode 3 of the Cutting Edge Conversations series focused on innovations in the area of sourcing human biosamples for research. The event focused on sourcing human samples for research, including the value and necessity of working with human tissue during drug discovery, as well as some of the distinct challenges researchers face.

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