NMI experts describe quality control procedures and image corrections for PET imaging, demonstrate PET data analysis and outline best practices to ensure good quantitative PET.

Image quality is only one aspect of functional imaging with PET and SPECT. The ability to reproducibly extract quantitative information from our images is critical to research. This may be as simple as assessing tumor-to-background ratio in tracer development, or as complex as assessing treatment protocols in oncology models, or dosimetry for extrapolation to human applications. Scanners need to be properly maintained and used according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. The user can be directly supported with good quality control workflows and imaging protocols.

In this Bruker webinar, NMI experts Dr. Geoff Warnock and Dr. Cesar Molinos describe best practices for quality control procedures and image corrections for the Bruker PET technology, as well as showing image transfer to PMOD for accurate analysis. The QC protocols they outline are easy and convenient to use. Reconstructed images are directly transferred or imported into PMOD, maintaining the important metadata and accuracy.

This webinar will be of interest to anyone working in the pre-clinical PET and SPECT industry and academia, ranging from novice to experts in these techniques. Post-grad students, technicians and principal investigators wanting to broaden their understand may find the webinar particularly useful.

Key Topics Include:

  • The importance of QC for scanners: calibration, reconstruction, and corrections
  • PMOD’s software package for multimodality image analysis: data QC after loading or import, important aspects of segmentation and their effect on SUV, time-activity curves and kinetic modelling
  • Important PET/SPECT image formats and their metadata


Senior Applications Scientist
PMOD Technologies

Geoff Warnock is Senior Application Scientist at PMOD Technologies, part of Bruker since July 2019. PMOD provides solutions for all stages of quantitative data processing, and specializes in PET kinetic modeling. Geoff has focused on quantitative PET for more than 10 years, and provides customized training courses to PMOD’s customers around the world.

NMI Product Specialist
Bruker BioSpin

Cesar is Bruker’s NMI Product Specialist. Cesar is a Physicist and Electronics Engineer by training and has been working in preclinical imaging for nearly 10 years. Previously, he worked developing radioguided surgery instrumentation (medical gamma ray detectors) and held several technical roles in the nuclear power generation industry.

Production Partner

Bruker Corporation

Bruker offers preclinical imaging solutions for a broad spectrum of application fields, such as cancer research, neuroimaging and cardiac disease.

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