“Chemistry is known as the central science not only because of its role in bridging the physical sciences and the life and applied sciences, but also because it impacts broad areas of human endeavor. Yet while chemistry may touch all of our lives, we are not all equally represented in chemistry . . .” (ACS Diversity Data Report 2021)

ADInstruments has partnered with Vernier® Science Education to enhance lab-based learning. Our online platform, Lt, integrates with Vernier’s Go Direct® Sensors to help educators teach interactive and engaging college chemistry labs that promote success for all students.

Watch this webinar to see us demonstrate our Rate Law Determination experiment that utilizes Vernier Science Education’s Go Direct® SpectroVis Plus Spectrophotometer to study the kinetics of the reaction of crystal violet with sodium hydroxide.

We explore how this experiment has been embedded in the Lt platform and show how tools in Lt promote community and scientific identity, reduce bias, and meet students’ individual needs. Learn how you can easily customize and adapt content for your curriculum to meet the needs of your students.

ACS Publications Diversity Data Report 2021. ACS Axial, American Chemical Society, Dec. 2021, https://axial.acs.org/acs-diversity-data-2021/.

Key Topics Include:

  • Recognize the impact of underrepresentation and marginalization in the chemistry community and discuss current trends and initiatives to increase Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Respect (DEIR).
  • Discover Lt as a learning platform that supports student engagement and success.
  • Explore the Rate Law Determination experiment from the Lt Chemistry Collection with a LIVE demo of Vernier’s Go Direct® SpectroVis Plus Spectrophotometer.
Click to watch the webinar recording. To view the presentation full screen simply click the square icon located in the bottom-right corner of the video-viewer.



Business Development Manager
Chemistry Education

Before working at ADInstruments, Kaitlynn taught college-level chemistry labs and STEM courses at the high-school level. She is passionate about helping students connect theory and practice through hands-on data collection and analysis. She enjoys playing board and card games with her family when she's not busy working.

Director of Chemistry
Technical Support / R&D
Vernier® Science Education

Elaine is the Director of Chemistry at Vernier® Science Education and works closely with her team to provide support to educators through developing hardware, software, and curriculum. She earned her B.A. in Chemistry from Pomona College, her M.S. in Chemistry from San Francisco State, and her PhD in Chemistry from the University of Washington.

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