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  • Talking Real Science with Brent Sinclair

Talking Real Science with Brent Sinclair

Brent Sinclair spends quite a bit of time outside of his research and teaching responsibilities to organize career events for graduate students in the Biology department, and he shares why these opportunities are so important for students as they get close to graduation. 

  • RRSSC Blood Sampling Course

RRSSC – Rodent Automated Blood Sampling Course

This workshop is essential for those who want to master catheterization techniques of the jugular vein, the femoral vein, and the carotid artery in rats and mice. These models allow for automated blood sampling using instruments such as the BASi turning cages in combination with the Culex autosampler.

  • Using SARS-CoV-2 to teach physiology and science

Using SARS-CoV-2 to Teach Physiology and Science

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Join Dr. Dee Silverthorn for a discussion on how the sudden appearance of the global pandemic of COVID-19 provides a unique opportunity to show students science in action as researchers and healthcare professionals around the world scramble to understand the virus and its effects on the human body. This is the third webinar in this 4-part series on how science education has evolved in the face of new challenges.

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