An essential webinar for both beginning and seasoned cardiovascular researchers looking to improve hemodynamic study outcome consistency by monitoring vital signs during surgery.

In this exclusive webinar sponsored by Indus Instruments, Dr. James Clark and Graham Sattler discuss methodology, surgical monitoring best-practices and demonstrate how to improve study and animal outcomes for Pressure-Volume Loop experiments using integrated monitoring of vital signs including core body temperature, ECG, respiration rate and blood oxygenation.

Discussions focus on how an integrated surgical heating and vital signs monitoring can significantly improve cardiovascular surgical outcomes by enabling real-time insights into overall physiologic and cardiovascular conditions before, during and after surgical procedures. Presenters also review how the MouseMonitor S can be integrated with Pressure-Volume Loop systems and a wide variety of research instrumentation used to study hemodynamics.

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Indus designs and manufactures small animal telemetry, ECG and Ultrasound monitoring products for cardiovascular research.

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Scintica Instrumentation provides sales, service and support for life science research products in the US, Canada and Europe. Our product portfolio includes equipment primarily designed for use with small animals from Optiscan-ViewnVivo, Indus Instruments, Oxford Optronix, Kaha Sciences, MDE GmbH and UNO BV Anesthesia.

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