Conference Content: American Physiology Summit 2023

American Physiological Society Summit 2023

As expected, attending the 2023 American Physiology Summit in Long Beach, California was an incredible experience. From the moment we entered the convention centre, we were immersed in the world of physiology. The atmosphere at the Summit was buzzing, with passionate professionals from academia, industry, and research institutions coming together to exchange knowledge and ideas. The American Physiology Summit offered a rich program of scientific sessions, keynotes, and poster presentations. Attending some of these sessions provided me with a broader perspective on the latest research findings and emerging trends in the field of physiology.

During the 4-day event I had the opportunity to conduct interviews with several individuals from a wide variety of companies, delving into their cutting-edge technologies and advancements, learning about the wide array of instruments and solutions, and finding out how they cater to the diverse needs of researchers across all areas of physiology.

Overall, the inaugural American Physiology Summit was a remarkable experience. Check out the various interviews and articles below that were enabled by this fantastic event!

Video Interviews

Joe Soughayer talks about the IonOptix Cardiac Slice system, which enables comprehensive investigation of cardiac function and the impact of various compounds and treatments, offering valuable insights for translational research.

Interview: Chris Rand, Aurora Scientific - 801C: Small Intact Muscle Apparatus

Chris Rand discusses Aurora Scientific’s 801C: Small Intact Muscle Apparatus. The device can be used for measuring muscle contractility and for other applications in fields like muscle physiology and cardiovascular science research.

Clarisa Peer discusses ALZET Osmotic Pumps, the gold standard for controlled, automatic dosing of compounds in various research areas, including neuroscience, cancer research, cardiovascular, endocrinology, pharmacology research, and more.

Joe Soughayer, Business Development Manager at IonOptix, discusses the MultiCell System, an advanced, fully-automated solution for identification and quantification of hundreds of myocytes per hour.


Talking Real Science with Oliver Wearing
On this episode of #ShareScience, we spoke with Dr. Oliver Wearing, Mitacs Industrial Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Cellular & Physiological Sciences at the University of British Columbia. He recently won the InsideScientific Science Communications content creator kit giveaway at the American Physiology Summit 2023.

Written Interviews

InsideScientific recently interviewed Jose Gadea, VP of Sales and Marketing from Unified Information Devices, where he explained the company’s approach to innovation and highlighted their RFID-enabled, Mouse Matrix system.
SPARC Data and Resource Center Aims to Accelerate Research with Open Science
Sue Tappan, PhD, discusses the importance of open science and the SPARC Data and Resource Center, sharing their current initiatives and goals, as well as future directions for the program.
InsideScientific recently interviewed Matt Borkowski, General Manager of Aurora Scientific, where he discussed his new role, the company’s approach to innovation, and commitment to providing customer support through educational resources.
In a recent interview with IonOptix Business Development Manager, Joe Soughayer, he talks about about their innovative approach, commitment to supporting researchers, and goals of becoming the gold standard in cardiovascular research instruments.

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