This event will illuminate the intricacies of animal welfare legislation, specifically comparing and distinguishing differences between EU, UK, and North American standards.

With insights from seasoned suppliers and authoritative legislative experts, the discussion primarily targets critical regulations, best practices, and ethical considerations that steer the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. The session promises to be an excellent avenue for those seeking to understand how European standards influence your organization’s animal welfare responsibilities. You will walk away with a sharper, broader perspective, equipping you with the information needed to align your practices confidently with international standards.

Suitable for everyone from policy-makers and animal welfare officers to researchers and CEOs, this session not only explores the technicality of animal welfare but also its practical implications, making it a must-attend event for anyone invested in the ethical treatment of animals in the industry.


Meaghan Loy, MS

Senior Director
In Vivo and GLP Services

Meaghan Loy is currently the Senior Director of In Vivo and GLP Services at, a research marketplace that enables researchers to access pre-qualified assessed animal model suppliers as well as hundreds of suppliers that provide in vitro models that can potentially replace or reduce the use of in vivo models. She joined in 2018 and is an expert in the use of COMPLi®,’s award winning platform that introduces a common, comprehensive process and supply agreement supporting access to pre-qualified assessed suppliers of in vivo and in vitro research models and provides animal welfare compliance coverage.

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