#ExpertAnswers: Miroslaw Janowski and Piotr Walczak on Imaging for Precision Medicine

Airdate: Thursday, May 21, 2020  Season: 7  Episode: 4

Guests: Mirosław Janowski, Piotr Walczak


Dr. Miroslaw Janowski and Dr. Piotr Walczak from the University of Maryland School of Medicine and Dr. Wojciech Lesniak from the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine answer questions from a webinar where they discuss how PET/CT imaging can be used to enable image-guided neurointerventions and to study targeted delivery and clearance of therapeutic agents.

For more information or to watch the webinar, click here.

Associated Webinar: A New Frontier of Precision Medicine: Using PET for Image-Guided Neurointerventions

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