Amy Sheng, PhD provides an overview of antibody screening platforms and presents applications and case studies using the Beacon® platform for antibody discovery.

Single B cell screening is a powerful and efficient strategy for generating antigen-specific monoclonal antibodies. Distinguished with fluorescence-activated B cell sorting, the Beacon® platform is based on plasma cell screening, making it easier to obtain antibody genes.

The Beacon® single-cell optofluidic system combines a unique optoelectro positioning (OEP) technology with novel microfluidic technology. It can be used to accurately select single cells on a chip, perform multiple single-cell assays, and export target cells based on specific results. The Beacon® optofluidic platform preserves the diversity of B cells, generating high-quality positive hits at an early stage of discovery and avoiding the loss of “good clones”.

Key Topics Include:

  • B cell differentiation and development
  • Pros and cons of mainstream antibody screening platforms
  • Mechanisms, applications, and case studies using the Beacon® platform for antibody screening
  • Sino Biological’s capacity using the Beacon® platform

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Technical Account Manager
Sino Biological

Dr. Amy Sheng is a technical account manager in Sino Biological. Dr. Sheng joined Sino Biological in 2021 supporting CRO services and project management in Eastern US region. Prior to joining Sino Biological, she worked in Caprico Biotechnologies as production manager in charge of antibody development and production for flow cytometry. She has a PhD in Molecular and Cell Biology from Georgia Institute of Technology, and is ASCP-certified molecular biologist and ASQ-certified CSSGB.

Production Partner

Sino Biological Inc.

Sino Biological is a global leader in recombinant technology with 6000+ proteins and antibodies in stock. We also provide CRO services to produce target proteins, antibodies and optimized ELISA kits to meet the needs of the biopharmaceutical and research industries.

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