An essential webinar for metabolic and behavioral researchers requiring detailed time courses and accurate correlation of energy expenditure and activity. We show the relevance of high-bandwidth metabolic measurement synchronized with intake and other behavioral data.

Methods matter. In metabolic measurement, confidence in reproducible results relies heavily on the design of the system used to acquire data. In the field of translational metabolic and behavioral phenotyping there is critical demand for more – throughput, standardization, synchronization of diverse data streams, temporal resolution, efficiency of workflow, and verification of results. We compare continuous and switched metabolic measurement methodologies and explore applications that benefit most from continuous measurement.

In this webinar sponsored by Sable Systems International, Dr. Jen Teske and Dr. John Lighton contrast methodologies and discuss how to improve best practices in metabolic phenotyping. They show how advances in high-bandwidth metabolic measurement, as implemented in Promethion metabolic phenotyping systems, leverage a 60- to 1200-fold increase in temporal resolution and achieve synchrony with intake and other behavioral data through the integration of telemetry.

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Sable Systems International contributes to the research community with superior instrumentation and software for innovation and discovery. Their metabolic phenotyping systems measure calorimetry, respirometry, metabolic/behavioral phenotyping and gas analysis at the best possible resolution and precision, providing unprecedented analytical and statistical power.

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