In this webinar, Dr. Trent Lund and Dr. Flavia Teixeira Silva demonstrate how to use the ANY-maze Operant Interface and showcase its flexibility when performing behavioral experiments.


  • Setting up the ANY-maze Operant Interface with existing hardware
  • How to run behavioral experiments with this software
  • Visualizing, exporting, and analyzing data with the ANY-maze Operant Interface

Webinar Summary

Dr. Silva and Dr. Lund begin this webinar with an overview of Stoelting’s ANY-maze and its history. While initially introduced as a video tracking technology, ANY-maze has since evolved into a platform capable of automating any behavioral experiment. Additionally, its software is compatible with a variety of apparatuses, including rodent mazes and other tracking software.

The ANY-maze operant interface software is divided into five sections to simplify the experimental process. It begins with the protocol page, which will define the type of experiment performed and allows for automation if needed. Next is the experimental page, which allows researchers to keep track of the test subjects. A comprehensive schedule of all the experiments can be found in the test page, which can also display preliminary results. Lastly, data can be visualized, analyzed, and exported under the results page. 

Dr. Silva and Dr. Lund next demonstrate how to set up and run operant experiments using ANY-maze, as well as how to visualize and analyze the results. The first example they share is a simple operant conditioning experiment wherein the test subject (i.e., mouse) receives a positive stimulus (i.e., treat) when it touches a lever in the dark, and a negative stimulus (i.e., tone) when it touches the lever in the light. To further highlight ANY-maze’s capabilities, they also provide an example of a more complex experiment in which a group of researchers wanted to observe how many times a mouse would be willing to press a lever to obtain a reward (e.g., food). Dr. Silva dives into the many functionalities of the protocol page and highlights the interface’s user-friendly design. 

In summary, the ANY-maze was designed to be easily integrated with other instruments from any manufacturer, with the user experience always at the forefront of the design. Experiments can be easily and efficiently executed, and there are endless possibilities for customization to suit any research need.

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Trent Lund is President of Stoelting and responsible for the day-to-day operations of the four divisions that make up the company (Neuroscience, ANY-maze, Psychological Testing, and Polygraph). Trent is also involved in product design and development at Stoelting.

ANY-maze Scientific Advisor
Stoelting Co.

Since the inception of ANY-maze, Flavia Teixeira Silva has been the project's principal scientific advisor. Having run her own behavioral lab for many years, she advises not just on the science but also on the structural design and usability of the software.

Production Partner

Stoelting Co.

Supplier of world renowned Stereotaxic Instruments, Behavioral Research Products and the impressively simple yet powerful Behavioral Tracking Software, ANY-maze.

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