Animal Behavior Video Tracking Using ANY-maze Software

Animal Behavior Video Tracking Using ANY-maze Software

A special 2-part webinar for ANY-maze users and behavioral scientists intent on advancing their understanding and application of automated video tracking in behavior studies.

With over 1500 existing users worldwide, ANY-maze Behavior Tracking Software, is one of today’s most widely-used, referenced and comprehensive video tracking systems. This intuitive and familiar software design has been combined with an unrivaled depth of features to provide automated tracking in virtually any behavioral test… literally any maze.

As Version 5 will be available early 2016, we invite current ANY-maze software users and those with general interest in video tracking to join us for a review of common behavior tracking studies and introduction to new and exciting features offered in this new release.

Session 1:  An introduction to ANY-maze 5.1, including advanced features such as 3-point tracking, heat maps, virtual switches, zone entry options, how to handle moving zones, using procedures, sequences and calculations.

Session 2:  Taking ANY-maze beyond video tracking, including how to configure Inputs & Outputs (I/O), score behaviors manually, manage your data and analyze your results.


Chris Lloyd
Software Developer & Staff Scientist,
Stoelting Co.

Chris Lloyd is the original inventor and current lead developer of ANY-maze. Chris has been behind the development of behavioral testing software since the early 90’s, designing custom behavior testing programs for private pharmaceutical companies and early stage video tracking systems for the University of Nottingham. It was in 1999 that he began working on what would become the first version of ANY-maze, which was officially launched in late 2003. In 2005 ANY-maze behaviour tracking software became part of the Stoelting family, and over the past 10 years has grown to be one of the world’s foremost video tracking systems. Today, Chris leads the ANY-maze development team located in the UK.