Transonic Systems Inc.

Transonic Systems Inc.

Address: 34 Dutch Mill Road, Ithaca , New York, United States, 14850



Founded in 1983, Transonic SystemsTM is the pioneer of ultrasonic Transit-Time blood flow measurement. As the recognized gold standard in cardiovascular surgery, hemodialysis, and research, our flow measurement solutions can be found throughout the world and are relied-upon to derive accurate and stable measurements in complex situations. Transonic is also known for advancements in the field of Pressure-Volume (PV) Loops with ‘Admittance’ technology as well as high fidelity pressure catheters.

We are proud to be a trusted research partner for leading academic and industry groups around the world, specializing in the measurement of:

  • Vascular blood flow
  • Ventricular PV loops
  • Blood pressure
  • Tubing flow measurement
  • Biotelemetry

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