InsideAnswers: Techniques and Best Practices for Cardiomyocyte Isolation

In this Q&A video series sponsored by IonOptix, experts address your best questions and greatest challenges with regards to cardiomyocyte isolation, purification, culture and analysis. These questions have been adapted from registrants’ input during our November 2018 webinar, Techniques and Best Practices for Cardiomyocyte Isolation.


Ronglih Liao, PhD

Professor of Medicine
Cardiac Muscle Research Laboratory
Stanford University School of Medicine

Davor Pavlovic, PhD

Lecturer of Cardiovascular Sciences
College of Medical and Dental Sciences
University of Birmingham

Matthew Ackers-Johnson, PhD

Post Doctoral Fellow
Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine
National University of Singapore

Discussion Topics:

  • Strategies to consistently improve your isolation success
  • Tips for getting started with the Langendorff-free method of cardiomyocyte isolation
  • Ideal short- and long-term culture conditions
  • Which enzymes to use and how to ensure the heart is optimally digested

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