Join experts for a conversation on recent progress in cancer research, including novel treatments, experimental therapies, and drug development.

Starting off the conversation, Dr. David Bunka presents specific case studies for prostate cancer, multiple myeloma and chronic myelomonocytic leukaemia, highlighting the ability of Optimer technology to deliver novel targeted therapeutics for cancer treatment. Optimer binders are small, highly target specific oligonucleotide-based affinity binders. The Optimer platform offers the ability to develop specific binders targeted to a specific biomarker or to an oncological cell phenotype without the need for known biomarkers. Optimer therapeutics are enabling new strategies in cancer treatment, including the targeted delivery of diverse payloads to cancer cells for precision chemotherapy, or gene therapy approaches.

Dr. Cathie Miller discusses how archived tissues contain valuable information for clinical research. For over thirty years, BioIVT has worked to expand the characterization of their archived tissues. BioIVT offers complete NGS project management that ensures success. In this presentation, Dr. Miller reviews BioIVT’s comprehensive process, their strengths in sample collection through library prep, their in-house and validated partnership capabilities and how BioIVT elevates science.

Finally, Henry Sebesta introduces KromaTiD’s proprietary technology, Directional Genomic Hybridization™, as an analytical solution for gene & cell therapy oncology treatments. Specifically, Mr. Sebesta addresses what Directional Genomic Hybridization is, how it works, and how it can be used to monitor highly important clinical safety metrics including therapeutic vector integration, and genome wide structural rearrangement events.

Key Topics Include:

  • The vast array of use for Optimers for gene therapies and chemotherapeutics
  • The strengths of archived tissues for clinical research
  • Directional Genomic Hybridization for oncology treatments
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Senior Marketing Director
Personalized Medicine

With a career that spans over 20 years at the bench, as well as a Director and a Global Product Manager, all involving the use of biospecimens in the fields of cancer, immunology and virology, Cathie is now Senior Director of Product Marketing, Personalized Medicine, at BioIVT.

Chief Technical Officer
Aptamer Group

David has spent nearly 20 years developing nucleic acid aptamers against a wide variety of targets including small molecules, disease-associated proteins, several cancer-associated cell-lines, viruses and tissue biopsies. This work has been facilitated through the use of high-throughput, automated aptamer selection methods.

Product & BD Manager
Product Development
KromaTiD, Inc.

Henry Sebesta is a dedicated life sciences industry professional with years of experience in gene therapy product and business development.

Production Partner


BioIVT is a leading provider of control and disease state samples (human/animal tissues, cells, blood, other biofluids). Combining technical expertise, exceptional customer service, and unparalleled access to biospecimens, BioIVT partners with scientists in ELEVATING SCIENCE®.

Aptamer Group

We develop Optimer® binders to enable innovation across research, diagnostics, therapeutics and bioprocessing.

KromaTiD, Inc.

KromaTiD uses single-cell, hybridization-based analysis to help gene and cell therapy developers bolster safety data for both research and regulatory filings.

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