A 2-part webinar for scientists interested in novel drug delivery methods for basic research, drug discovery and development. Learn about novel infusion technologies and how challenges in physiological monitoring and drug delivery are being overcome by implantable and programmable devices.

Christian Schnell, Lab Head of in-vivo Pharmacology and Oncology Research at Novartis in Basel, Switzerland presents data from multiple species that show how differences in blood pressure, heart rate and acute stress impact drug activity and how dosing a pre-trained animal can influence hemodynamic parameters.

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Syracuse University Magazine Article on Dr Robert Doyle’s Research

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Associate Director Oncology NIBR
Novartis in Basel

Christian joined NOVARTIS (previously CIBA-GEIGY) in 1980, first in Cardiovascular Research followed by Oncology Research since 1994. He was actively involved in the profiling of several compounds that entered the clinical development and reached the market like DIOVAN®, RASILEZ®, GLEEVEC®, ZOMETA®, AFFINITOR® and PIQRAY ®. Christian was one of the first to adapt fully implantable telemetry devices for blood pressure and ECG recordings in conscious unrestrained marmosets (1993), for intraocular pressure measurements in the vitreous of conscious unrestrained rabbits (1996), and for the measurement of tumour interstitial pressure in conscious unrestrained rats and mice (2003). Currently, he is the 3R’s representative for Oncology Basel at Novartis.

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