Surgical Savvy - Continuous Refinement and Education

Surgical Savvy: Continuous Refinement and Education

The Academy of Surgical Research (ASR), European Academy of Laboratory Animal Surgery (EALAS), and InsideScientific proudly present this 4-part webinar series focused on the ever-evolving world of research surgical techniques and practices.

Designed for research surgical professionals seeking to enhance their skills and stay up to date with the latest advancements, this series offers a comprehensive exploration of cutting-edge research surgeries, industry trends, and troubleshooting expertise.

From mastering common research surgical procedures to navigating complex novel surgery techniques, our expert presenters provide invaluable insights and strategies for achieving surgical excellence.

All events in the series are now available to watch on-demand – register today to elevate your expertise and refine your surgical prowess!

Preparation for the Academy of Surgical Research’s Certification Exams


Original Air Date: TUES, SEP 12, 2023

Join Lisa Johnson, BA, SRS, LATg for a walkthrough of the Academy of Surgical Research’s (ASR) certification exams to prepare individuals on what to expect.

Key Topics:

  • Subjects/topics covered on the three exams
  • Learn test taking tips
  • Key references to use during studying

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Lisa Johnson

Lisa Johnson, BA, SRS, LATg
Veterinary Surgeon
Veterinary Services
Charles River Laboratories

The Use of Vascular Access Buttons in Rabbits for PK/TK Studies


Original Air Date: THUR, OCT 19, 2023

Jon Ehrmann, BS, SRS, SRA, LATg presents the use of vascular access buttons in rabbits as a solution to challenges in venipuncture, enhancing blood collection and intravenous administration for pharmacokinetic studies.

Key Topics:

  • Anesthetic and analgesic protocols for minor surgical procedures in rabbits
  • The use of a rigid scope for tracheal intubation in rabbits
  • The implantation of dual channel (arterial & venous) vascular access buttons (VAB) in rabbits
  • Aseptic technique and maintenance of VABs for longterm patency
  • The use of VABs for pharmacokinetic studies via a magnetic tethering device

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Jon Ehrmann

Jon Ehrmann, BS, SRS, SRA, LATg
Senior Science & Technology Manager
Veterinary Sciences
Bristol Myers Squibb

Successful Modification of a Rodent Surgical Procedure and Device for Vascular Access in Minipigs (Vascular Access Button)


Original Air Date: THUR, NOV 16, 2023

Adrian Zeltner, SRT discusses the innovative use of the Rat Vascular Access Button in Göttingen Minipigs to streamline blood sampling and infusion.

Key Topics:

  • Understand the challenges and limitations of traditional blood sampling and infusion methods in Göttingen Minipigs
  • Explore the advantages and adaptability of the Rat Vascular Access Button for efficient blood sampling and dosing
  • Strategies for thinking outside the box to enhance experimental design in animal studies

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Adrian Zeltner

Adrian Zeltner, SRT
AZE Consulting

Indwelling Portal Vascular Access Ports: Application, Advantages, and Management


Original Air Date: THU, DEC 7, 2023

In this webinar, Melanie Graham, MPH, PhD will highlight the benefits and reliability of using vascular access ports (VAPs) in animal models.

Key Topics Include:

  • Indications and advantages of portal vascular access
  • Surgical approach and technique
  • Post operative care and management

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Melanie Graham

Melanie Graham, MPH, PhD
Professor and Goodale Chair in Minimally Invasive Surgery
University of Minnesota