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Adrian Zeltner was senior surgeon at Ellegaard Göttingen Minipigs in Denmark and has been employed there for 18 years. The position included also:

  • Customer support covering mainly the practical aspects like Minipig housing, care, welfare, sampling and dosing.
  • Lecturing in animal training and the refinement and development of dosing methods and surgical procedures at Ellegaard.
  • Organizing and conducting courses, workshops and interactive seminars in Europe, USA and Japan.

Adrian is president elect of EALAS, the European Academy of Laboratory Surgery and is a member of the ARS, the Academy of Surgical Research (USA). Since September 2023 he is works full time for his company AZE Consulting, providing services covering the above topics.

Adrian was born in Switzerland where he was educated as Laboratory Technician at Ciba-Geigy (Novartis) and graduated 1978. Previous employment includes: University of Zürich, Cilag (Johnson&Johnson), Sika, Self-employment. He has been travelling extensively in Asia and lived in Australia and New Zealand before moving to Denmark in 2004.
Author of:

  • Handling and Dosing of the Göttingen Minipig
  • Implantation of Venous catheters in the Göttingen Minipig
  • Anesthesia and Analgesia of the Göttingen Minipig
  • Acclimation and Socialisation of the Göttingen Minipig
  • Various posters presented at congresses around Europe (FELASA, Scand las, GV-Solas, IAT, LASA)