Explore applications of CRISPR and iPSCs in disease modeling and drug discovery in our upcoming webinar with Synthego and BrainXell.

Standardizing cell models is essential for drug discovery and investigating mechanisms influencing disease onset. Using iPSC-derived neurons and glia marks a revolutionary shift in drug discovery, enabling direct study of novel therapeutics on human neurons without relying on primary human tissue. By creating specific neuron and glia subtypes, researchers can delve into disease pathways, comparing edited to control cell lines to aid in developing therapeutics to treat those diseases.

To accelerate the drug discovery workflow focused on curing neurodegenerative and neuro-related diseases, Synthego and BrainXell’s partnership is streamlining this workflow by leveraging Synthego’s CRISPR expertise and BrainXell’s mastery of working with iPS cells and neurons to make curing those diseases within reach.

Key Topics Include:

  • Learn about CRISPR-based platforms for high-throughput generation of knock-in iPS cell models.
  • Gain insights into Synthego’s pivotal role in the iPSC Neurodegenerative Disease Initiative (iNDI) spearheaded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) by generating over 264 clones, encompassing 22 gene targets with 12 variants each, all within a remarkable timeframe of under six months.
  • Discover streamlined methods for iPS cell differentiation into neurons to efficiently run complex assays with ease.
  • Dive into processes enabling the creating of disease models like APOE E4/E4 and TREM2 edited lines in cortical glutamatergic neurons, cortical astrocytes, and microglia which could be used to perform functional assays.


Travis Hardcastle

Senior Product Manager
Engineered Cells

Travis has extensive hands on experience working with mammalian cells understanding the role of tumor microenvironments during metastasis and the molecular drivers of lung cancer. Additionally, he has been part of prolific commercial organizations as an R&D Scientist developing and launching dCas9-variant products making CRISPRa more accessible. As he continued his professional journey, he expanded his skillset by joining a Project Management Team where he oversaw the entire Cell Line Engineering portfolio which included both off-the-shelf products and custom engineering services platforms. Utilizing his past commercial experience, his academic experience at Sam Houston State University where he earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Biology with a minor in Chemistry and his Master of Science degree in Biology, Travis has been the Senior Product Manager at Synthego for their Engineered Cells Portfolio since 2021.

Seth Hanson

Business Development Manager

During Mr. Hanson's 20 year career, he has worked for a variety of large and small organizations in the Life Science industry. His work has focused on preclinical neuro drug development, laboratory automation, screening, and genetic modulation of in vivo and in vitro systems. As the Business Development Manager for BrainXell, Seth leverages his knowledge to provide human iPSC derived neurons and glia to scientists engaged in basic and translational research.

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